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Big Al

Big Al by Andrew Clements (1997-09-01) - Andrew Clements

This story is about a fish who may not look so sweet and nice on the outside; however, he is the nicest fish in the sea. He is in desperate need of a friend but everyone swims away when he comes around. He even tries disguising himself to fit in with all the other fish. They still do not accept him. Then one day, a fisher's net becomes full with many fish, and only one fish is able to save the day. Big Al saves all the little fish and that is when they learned to accept him for who he is and they truly understood what a nice fish he is. I would say this would be read for grades 1st-3rd. This book is great to teach children not to judge another peer by their looks. It would be a great book to start the year with. This book would also be good to pair students up and allow them to make a story map pertaining to the story.

The Juice Box Bully

The Juice Box Bully: Empowering Kids to Stand Up For Others - Bob Sornson, Maria Dismondy, Kim Shaw

The book is about a classroom full of students who have had the opportunity to explain to a bully that what they are doing is wrong. They remind the bully of the "promise" they have made as a whole that bullying is wrong and it will not be tolerated in their classroom.This book allows students to be creative in the classroom when standing up to a bully. The book will allow students to create their own "promise" against bullying and promising to stand up to it. This book could open the topic of how tattling is different from reporting. The book would also open a brainstorming session to discuss different ways to prevent bullying. I would use this book 2nd-5th grade. I feel as though using it with older ages will create better "promise" to be used in the classroom; they might be able to go more in depth with their promise.

Bully B.E.A.N.S

Bully B.E.A.N.S. - Julia Cook

This story is about children learning to stand up to bullying. Not only do the students stand up for just themselves, they stand up for their peers as well. This book teaches both parents and children how to stop bullying if it has become an issue. Parents will learn creative ways to help guide their children into gaining the courage to stand up to bullying. I would use this book k-3rd grade. I would most likely use this book at the very start of the year to help stop bullying before it starts. I would incorporate jelly beans into the reading, to further engage the students. It would also be a great book to refer back to if a bullying incident had come to surface. It is also a good book to teach children that there might be more to a child than we see. The example used would be that the bully herself is the one getting bullied at home.