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The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling - Jerry Pinkney, Hans Christian Andersen

This story is probably considered to be well known throughout society. It is about a duckling who is born not quite as beautiful as the rest. The duckling gets treated as though he does mean as much to the world as the others due to his image. Later in the book, the duckling grows up to be the most beautiful duck. This book would probably have the best results if used in 1st-3rd grade. I believe the older students might have more of an opinion on the book than the younger ones. The book could open a lesson for students to not judge their peers by their looks. Though this book will probably take students in the direction of their peers who are not well off, it could also go the other way. Students should also not judge the ones who seem as though they come from wealth. Every student has a story; it is our job as teachers to make sure all students are treated as equals.