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The Juice Box Bully

The Juice Box Bully: Empowering Kids to Stand Up For Others - Bob Sornson, Maria Dismondy, Kim Shaw

The book is about a classroom full of students who have had the opportunity to explain to a bully that what they are doing is wrong. They remind the bully of the "promise" they have made as a whole that bullying is wrong and it will not be tolerated in their classroom.This book allows students to be creative in the classroom when standing up to a bully. The book will allow students to create their own "promise" against bullying and promising to stand up to it. This book could open the topic of how tattling is different from reporting. The book would also open a brainstorming session to discuss different ways to prevent bullying. I would use this book 2nd-5th grade. I feel as though using it with older ages will create better "promise" to be used in the classroom; they might be able to go more in depth with their promise.