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Bunny's New Shoes

One Red Shoe, the Other One's Blue! (Little Golden Book) - Stephanie Calmenson, Lisa M. Karsten

This book was my favorite book to read while growing up. It is actually the first book I ever remember reading. This story was about a bunny who had outgrown her shoes. She did not want just any shoes however, she wanted one blue and one red shoe. There was another character in the book who had to get new shoes as well, he chose the blue ones. The bunny chose the red ones. Each pair of shoes came with shoe strings to match the shoes chosen. Later in the book the bunny and alligator ran into each other and notice each other had the shoe color they needed (but they were different sizes). They decided to trade shoe strings with each other. This way the red shoes had blue shoe strings, the blue shoes had red shoe strings. I would say the book would work best with k-1st. The book could be a lesson on compromise, giving, or even simply how to work with others. The characters had something the other wanted, they decided between themselves how to make each other happy.