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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch

This story is about a young girl who believes she can do anything. She expresses her strong imagination throughout the entirety of the book. She constantly puts on "shows" using herself as the main role. Later in the book she shows her hopes in becoming Peter Pan in the school play. She was told a girl can not be Peter Pan. She was also told that she could not be Peter Pan due to the fact she was an African American. She decided to practice all weekend to prove to her classmates that she could indeed be Peter Pan; she would be the best Peter Pan at that. When auditions came, she deservingly got the role of Peter Pan. I would use this book for grades k-6th. This book could be used with younger ages by simply reading it and showing them they can do anything they put their minds to. It could be used in an older classroom by allowing them to use creative writing and explaining a time someone didn't believe they could do something and they did or even to simply share what they dream of doing one day.