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Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson

This story is about a boy who wishes to excel in running. He practices all summer long to be the fastest one in the class. However, when he arrives to school to show what he has been working on, his new neighbor shows off her speed by beating him in a race. Instead of being jealous of her, he actually finds it intriguing. The two children become instant friends. They spend everyday after school in the woods using their imagination by creating a magical kingdom. The book ends with a major tragedy. I would use this book in a 4th-6th grade classroom. This book would be a great book to express the value of a friend. This book is constantly expressing the value of friendship. I would also share this book to teach the children the importance one's imagination is. Imagination is the gateway to many things and I think it is extremely valuable that children always use imagination. I also think this would be a good book to learn how to deal with tragedy. Even though the boy lost his friend, he learned how to be strong and continue with his life. He even learned how to include her in his life though she was no longer there. This book obviously has several purposes.