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Should I Share My Ice Cream?

Should I Share My Ice Cream? - Mo Willems

This book is about an elephant who purchases ice cream then later decides he should share it with his friend. He expresses his own interest in the ice cream, trying to convince himself that he truly does wish to share it. Once he does decided sharing would be the best decision, he drops the ice cream. He felt so bad that he did not get to share it with his friend. As the story continues, the reader learns that his friend had an ice cream the whole time. He even shared! Both friends managed to be happy with their decisions. I would use this book in a k-1st grade classroom. The book teaches the students the importance of sharing and caring for another person. It shows that good things come from good thoughts, this may not be an actual physical item but it could simply be a good feeling. An activity could be each student has a paper cut out of a scoop of ice cream and they have to go around the room and share with their peers. At the end of the lesson, it would be especially influential if the teacher had actual ice cream to give the students as a reward of their great sharing capabilities.