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Ish - Peter H. Reynolds

This book could focus on how words or actions effect others. For an activity to ensure students understand that everyone would crumple a piece of paper and throw it across the room. (Much like he did with his drawings in the story) Everyone could pick up a piece of paper and be instructed to flatten it back out to where it is perfect again. Once realizing this can not be done, the teacher will explain the crumpled parts represent the mean and rude things we say to one another. Once things have been said they can not be taken back, they will forever have an emotional impact on the one who receives the rude sayings. This book could also teach children to never give up on themselves. Even if they don't get something perfect, it's perfect-ish. I would use the perfect-ish lesson for a younger level like first through second grade. The bullying lesson I would use for second through fourth grade.